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Free Shipping on all orders over £30
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Fair Trade, Organic & Ethical Soft Toys

Soft toys have long been a staple accessory for any childhood!  

Many of us will remember with great fondness at least one of our favourite soft toys or even our very first teddy bear!  They hold a very sentimental place in our heart and are often our first best friend, confidant and even protector from the big bad monsters under the bed!! 

The tradition of gifting soft toys and teddy bears to newborn babies is age old and for good reason!  We would all love to lay claim to being that one person who's gift became the must have bed time essential for our niece/nephew or godchild!  

We have a selection of beautiful soft toys, all with their own individual style making them a fabulous gift for your little loved one.  Every one of our products is of the highest quality so you can rest assured they'll last the distance...... we all keep our favourite soft toys into adulthood after all!!