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Our current status while typing this blog is very aptly referenced in the above title.  We celebrated Charlie's birthday last night with a few drinks at our local.  Today we are feeling very fortunate that we no longer have to hide under our desks with a hangover as we did back in our London days.

Being your own boss can have many benefits, and nursing a hangover in the comfort of your own office is way up there on the list!

This may not be the most productive of days, but we'll give it a shot!

Natural wooden beaded baby teethers

As those of you who follow us on instagram, facebook and Twitter will already know, we have started the year with a new look and lots of new stock.  We received our new collection of baby teethers at the end of last week and have been astounded by the response so far.  The subtle pastel tones of the bpa free beads, complimented with a natural wooden hoop have proven to be a huge hit and we're so pleased to have found them.  We love how they compliment all our other beautiful products and brands and can't wait to add more to the collection. For some more information about how and why you will love the teethers click here.

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Til next time, have a lovely weekend!

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