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The Key to a greener planet is in your hands......

Posted by Katie Cook on

The environment and our planet has always been something I've been a bit concerned about.  I read a lot of articles and watch a lot of documentaries about the human impact on Earth (my mum and husband often tell me not to as it can turn me into a bit of a Debbie Downer).  However since becoming a parent it has never been more important.  I know i'm not the only one who thinks so.  

Being environmentally aware is something we can all start at a young age, and can actively put into practice on a day to day basis.  Whether that be recycling your everyday waste, or using products which are made from sustainable materials.  We started howiwonder.co.uk with a desire to provide unique and beautiful gifts for children and babies.  One year in and we've realised we are being drawn to brands which support FairTrade production, brands which use sustainable materials or produce.  And it feels good to be supporting these people.  The people that actually want to help the environment and Earth!  We only have one shot at it, lets make sure we don't throw it away!

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