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The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Babies

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Did you know Coconut oil is said to be the kindest way of looking after your babies' skin? 

Raw coconut oil is a rich source of lauric acid ( a healing property also found in breast milk) and these fatty acids sink deep into your babies' skin providing the moisture needed to soothe and hydrate them.

We love the coconut oil based products from Kokoso and have added a selection to our online store.  In addition to the coconut oil, we stock two different gift sets which are the perfect present for a baby shower or newborn.  All the packaging is sourced responsibly and is home compostable!

Kososo coconut oil is extremely white which is due to the high quality coconuts used.  These are handpicked by a family run farm in Thailand.  This award winning coconut oil hasn't been refined, bleached or tinkered with in any way.

To find out more about this award winning coconut oil read more.



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