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Supporting Fair Trade and Organic brands

Best Years Fair Trade Hand Knitted Knitted Rattles Pebble Soft Toys

We proudly support Fair Trade and Organic brands and have enjoyed learning about their journeys and ethos.  It’s good for the soul to know that the people you are doing business with and buying products from have integrity and are ethically produced.

Best Years Ltd produce beautifully hand knitted soft toys for children, of which we are proud to stock the ferocious dinosaurs and adorable knitted dinosaur rattles.  The reaction we receive from customers upon seeing these unusual yet handsome creatures is always astounding...... but not hard to believe.  As with all our products we have strived to keep our dinosaurs competitively priced and are certain you’d be hard pushed to find them cheaper elsewhere!

Fair Trade & Fair Pay

Best Years  and Pebble have worked alongside each other  for over 7 years, based on a mutual vision to use ethically sourced and organic products.  The fabulous range from Pebble Toys are produced in Bangladesh by a workers co-operative.  This ensures the workers (all women) are paid and treated fairly in an environment which would ordinarily have no such concerns.  In a community surrounded by poverty the workers co-operative and Pebble provide a safe opportunity for these women to support their partners and children.

Unique High Quality Hand Knitted Toys & Rattles

The skills and creativity needed by the women who knit the soft toys and rattles in the Pebble range are difficult to comprehend.  The attention to detail on each of the products is something to be amazed at.  We often marvel at the quality and wonder how they can be priced so cheaply considering the workmanship which goes in to each.  We have also always liked the slight differences between the products.  As they are handmade and not machined they never guarantee any two items to be the same, which we feel only adds to their charm!

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