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Reasons to love Tulipop!

Posted by Katie Cook on

We loved Tulipop the first time we saw them.  It was our first trade show, over a year ago now, and it was the beginning of a thrilling first year for howiwonder.co.uk

We had the business idea, we even had the name.  We just needed the brands and products that would fit alongside our vision.  Walking into Spring Fair 2015 we mooched around the children’s stands, liking some and not others.  We were looking for products and brands which were lesser known in the UK.  Items which we would have previously scoured the web for our own children.  We always enjoyed looking for unusual items.  Products which had style to suit our own needs as well as our childrens. 

I will never forget seeing the Tulipop stand.  You see, many people like to stick with what they already know sells.  Brands which are already big and easy sell.  We wanted to be different and it was with Tulipop we found our first brand. 

In all honesty, it was probably actually the Bubble Lamp which we fell in love with first.  Seeing is after all believing, and you can not truly appreciate the beauty of the Tulipop Bubble Lamp until you have seen it in all it’s glory. 

And so we were drawn into the wonderful world of Tulipop and were soon taken by all of their unusual characters.

To find out a little more about Tulipop and it’s creators take a moment to read this article.  Like us, they too are #girlbosses!

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