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Moulin Roty Dolls, Comforters & Toys

Posted by Charlie Cotter on

We’re going to run with our current blog ‘theme’ for now and reminisce about the brands that helped launch www.howiwonder.co.uk over a year ago.  As a parent I had heard of Moulin Roty and was very fond of the soft toys I had seen in department stores and independent boutiques.  I was however unaware of their full collection until we first visited their stand at Spring Fair. 

Aside from the soft toy mice (which I am certain is the first thing that pops to everyone’s mind when thinking of Moulin Roty!) we were overwhelmed by the full extent of their toys.  

I think both Charlie and I would agree the first item we knew would be a must for our shop was the Moulin Roty duck  ‘Jeanne’, a lovely little comforter!  We loved how different they were to every other baby comforter on the market.  This led us to look further into the brand and see what other products they had which were not generally available to the UK market.

After some research it became apparent to us that the Moulin Roty products you or I were used to seeing online and in stores, were the same old products from the same old collections within Moulin Roty!  But why? Why would we all want to be selling the same things within the UK when Moulin Roty have so much more to offer.  We found the products we were drawn to were only available within France, Spain and even the USA.  This confirmed our vision.  We would add the Moulin Roty brand to our collection on the premise we would supply more of their beautiful and elegant toys and gifts to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in the UK.  We all like and deserve the nice bits too. 

So when you’re looking at our Moulin Roty collection rest assured we have picked some of the nicest bits and are always looking to add more!

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