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Mother's day and an Organic life

Posted by Katie Cook on

Being a mother is such a wondrous thing, with mother's day being the highlight of the year!! I knew exactly how my Sunday was going to pan out when my husband took an unexpected detour to the local shop on our way home Saturday evening.  Needless to say the pickings were rather slim, but alas it is the thought that counts.  The fact I received a packet of stale heart marshmallows (which to be honest we both agree were probably left over from valentines) is neither here nor there.  The children think they're amazing and are slowly working their way through them.  I'm just pleased someone's eating them, cos it ain't gonna be me!!!

I did however receive a card from each of my children which they had lovingly made at school, and to be perfectly honest that is all I ever want or in fact need.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying the glorious spring weather in our garden, my husband and I tending to the overgrown flowerbeds and the children playing in mud.  A blissful Sunday after all.

Organic lifestyle and toys for children

I recently read an article about the importance of allowing our bare feet to feel and enjoy the earths surface.  We have something like 7000 nerve endings in our feet, and they all benefit from feeling the grass, sand and mud we so often protect ourselves from.  We can learn so much from watching our children play.  Be more like them, embrace the organic life and let nature be a part of your world.  It's healthy!!  

But since we can't always enjoy the great outdoors we can try to bring the natural world inside. Children love the tactile natural materials used for wooden and handmade toys and there is such a growing range on the market now.  Many of our brands follow the organic ethos and we are so very proud to represent the diverse and exceptional quality items that they all make.



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