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Children and babies learn through play

Children and babies learn through play.  The skills they develop while playing simple games give them the basic motor skills needed later in life.  For example, the task of putting bricks/shapes into a sorter give a baby the necessary skills required later in life for packing a bag.  Something we all just take for granted. 

Your Child's First Five Years

The first 5 years of a Child's life are packed full of developmental stages, learning to walk, talk and interact socially to name but a few.  During their first few years in education they are in fact encouraged to play creatively and to include their environment within their learning.  Our Nursery has the obligatory sand pit, water tables and even a mud kitchen.   On any given day you are guaranteed to be greeted by a muddy, dishevelled but very happy toddler!  Any parent with young children will know this only too well. 

Educational Games and Toys

We wanted to include some interesting educational games and toys to our collection..... some without mud!  We found that Moulin Roty and Janod had a beautiful collection of wooden stacking toys and shape sorters.  Being French, they have a classic traditional style which appealed to us immediately.  We purposely chose items which were big sellers in Europe yet not readily available in the UK.   

Click below to view some of our lovely developmental toys and games.

Crocodile Creek was an instant draw for us because of their bright and colourful block puzzles.  They are an easy and fun game for the young (and even older children).  The solid blocks are an ideal size for babies to handle and build while older children particularly enjoy using their wild imaginations to conjure the scariest creature possible.  Specifically for older children, we thought the ‘puzzle and play’ vehicles were unique.  They gave a fun twist to ordinary puzzles.  The vehicles themselves have moving wheels which pleased the children........... but not only that, the puzzle pieces all store within the vehicles which pleased me and will most probably  you too!  Gotta love a tidy toy ;)

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