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Black and White… Aiding visual stimulation for babies.

Posted by Charlie Cotter on

Did you know that the nerve cells in a brain are disorganised? Visual stimulation is a really important way of helping a baby develop its eyesight.

When a baby is born, their retina is not fully developed and can only distinguish between contrasts, (e.g. black and white) not colours.  A recommended way of helping a baby develop their eyesight is to use monochrome images as the contrast sends the strongest visual messages to the baby's brain.


These flash cards from The Jam Tart provide a fabulous way for you to play with your babies and help develop their visual senses.  We found these a fantastic tool to use, especially during tummy time.  They also provide a fun visual way of helping children learn their numbers and alphabet.

Our children love them and we are sure you will too!




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