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Baby Must Haves...

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At How I Wonder we strive to source products that are stylish, unique, practical and enjoyable for you and your baby.....So we have compiled a list of our top 5 selling items for new mums to be!



A pram blanket is one of the first things I bought for my children.  A) They are an essential item. B) I am somewhat obsessed with them but most importantly c) they disguise a multitude of sins… 

Is it just me or do your babies always manage to be sick, spill food or anything else unsightly down them at the exact moment you really don’t want them to?  Hence the sanity saving ‘Baby Blanket’.  Place or cocoon said baby in a stylish beautiful blanket and your super mum name tag is intact…. Hoorah!

 See our selection of stylish and unique Baby Blankets 


                                                 Jolie Petite Chose


 Memory Cards

We all have the good intentions of getting the “proper camera” out and documenting our babies most treasured moments in leather bound albums but in reality we all grab our smartphones and snap away!  What easier and more convenient way of doing this than with the addition of the fabulous milestone memory cards.  Simply place a card alongside your baby whilst taking their picture and it creates an image that will never let you forget your little ones most treasured moments.

Shop Milestone Memory Cards 


                                                      Milesone memory cards



 We all know how many baby grows, vests and bodysuits a little one can get through in a day that alongside the constant concern of whether they are too hot or cold makes for hardwork!  That is why when we heard about the benefits of bamboo especially for children we were drawn to the fantastic collection by Panda and the Sparrow.  Not only do they look great but the qualities of Bamboo are perfect for baby’s soft sensitive skin as it is a breathable, thermo regulating, naturally hypoallergenic, UV resistant and antibacterial fabric. Ideal Ideal for eczema and dermatitis suffers.

 Shop Panda and the Sparrow                                                                                                    Panda and the Sparrow


We all worry about what is best for our baby’s skin and after a lot of trial and error we came across this lovely organic collection from Little Green Radicals.  All products are made without using synthetic perfumes, parabens or chemicals and are never tested on animals.  So not only does it look and smell lovely you can rest assured there are no nasties in there.

Shop Little Green Radicals 


                                                     Little Green Radicals




I think most of us have seen the iconic Sophie Giraffe in most buggies or little hands and I for one honestly, do not know what I would have done without one.  This was the only teether that provided my son with comfort during the pain he experienced during teething.  It is made from 100% natural rubber and decorated with food grade paint so is completely gum friendly with no harmful products. 

Shop our selection of Sophie Giraffe products.


                                                              Fan fan the fawn


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