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Babies First Blanket

Posted by Charlie Cotter on

We love to use Pinterest for both business and pleasure.  Browsing the creativity of others we often gather party ideas for our little ones from Pinterest! My favourite to date has to be a water jug filled with water, some ice and a carrot........ It was for a Frozen themed birthday party and was a ‘melted snowman’ drink!  So simple yet so clever!

Choosing your babies first blanket can be as important to some as is choosing their first pram

It was whilst browsing Pinterest that Charlie stumbled across the geometric blanket design by the little known brand Jolie Petite Chose.  The striking patterns, edged in punchy and vibrant colours was all it took to catch her attention.  Choosing your babies first blanket can be as important to some as is choosing their first pram.  It’s always nice to have something a little different and of course stylish.  In this day and age ‘parents to be’ research a great deal before buying.  We look for practicality and ease of use as much as we do appearance.  There is often a design which becomes ‘of the moment’, and although it can be fashionable for a time, it isn’t long before you see every other baby being wrapped in or pushed in the same blanket or pram as each other.  It can start to look a little Stepford Wifes when you walk into a mother toddler group and everyone has the same changing bag, blanket and pram.  The only difference being the baby!

That is why we love Jolie Petite Chose so much.  Each of their designs is a limited edition ensuring the mother and toddler groups can’t be flooded with the same blankets.  At the end of each edition the Melbourne based company design and produce a new design.

And since we are currently the first and only UK stockists of their blankets we can ensure you’ll be one of only a handful sporting these beautiful premium finished blankets for a long time coming.

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