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Easter holidays and embarrassing stories!

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We're only half way through the Easter Holidays, but we've already had our fair share of chocolate, rabbits and adventure!  On top of all the chocolate that comes with Easter (I know it's customary, but oh my goodness! Do we really need so much! This is very dangerous territory so soon after Christmas!  I definitely still have a few mince pies lurking on my hips from December, and all these Easter eggs are not helping) my daughter celebrated her birthday.   She was extremely lucky and equally surprised to receive two beautiful little bunnies for her birthday.

I'm not too sure who's more excited...... me or the children!  So how typically festive, to receive a bunny at Easter!  They are very well loved and cared for and get a kiss goodnight every evening, so all in all I'd say both the bunnies and the children are lucky to have found each other!  If you'd prefer a 'faux' pet bunny then we have some beautiful rabbits in our Easter shop!

As I'm sure is the same with many of you, we have been arranging fun days out with our pals during the holidays.  One such day was a trip to the local theme park!  Sounds fun right.... two mummy's and four children (5 and 3 yr olds!).  That's not very good odds...... We were outnumbered from the off!!  

The day started like a dream.  We decided to get the train as it's only a few stops and the children think it's part of the theme park!  The train was there waiting for us.... Perfect!  We all boarded the train and embarked on our three stop journey.  As the train pulled into the station we gathered our children and began our walk along the platform.  

Right about now you might be trying to guess what followed.  But I'm not sure you'll get it.  I couldn't have predicted what was going to happen.  I never imagined I would be quite so daft.... but I was!  Us mum's have a lot to remember, all of the time!  And to be fair my main priority is always to make sure I remember the children, but as we started heading out of the station I realised (like only a mother would) that I was missing something.  The way I was walking felt different to how it did before we got on the train.... 

THE PUSHCHAIR (and all the numerous coats and bags which were hanging off of it!) 

I darted back to the train only to hang back out the door and declare that someone had stolen it!! OH NO!! How could this be.... 

But then my friend reminded me to check the other doors.... you know, the ones we got on at!  Lo and behold there was my pushchair (the very well worn one that no one in their right mind would ever want to steal)!

By this point the doors had closed and no matter how many times I pushed the OPEN button the doors wouldn't budge!  And so as the train began to pull away I stood waving to my friend, her two children and my two children, both of whom had burst into a wailing chorus!  My poor abandoned babies!  

Of course they were fine and of course I made it back to them having got off at the next stop and onto another train back..... but what a start to our trip out!


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