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Bamboo baby!

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Lets talk about the wonderful world of Bamboo.... a world which I was only recently introduced to.  Not having a background in fashion (unlike my uber stylish partner Charlie) I was totally unaware that bamboo could be used to produce fabric, let alone used to make clothing.  Try to imagine the pictures which were being conjured up in my minds eye when I learnt that bamboo was the latest craze in baby clothing.....  

However after much reading I can confirm that bamboo is being used in the manufacturing of clothing.... and not only that - it is full of the most wonderful properties which make it as beneficial to us as it is to the environment!

If you weren't aware, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet.  Some species of bamboo can grow as much as 1 metre in 24 hours!!!  It sounds like something out of  'The Day of the Triffids' but never fear..... to date there have been no reported incidence of bamboo attacks!  The speed at which bamboo grows makes it a sustainable product- that in addition to the fact it needs a lot less water than cotton does during the farming process (less than a 1/3 to be exact).

So it's sustainable, so that's good for farming right? But another amazing fact is that because it uses less water it has no natural pests.  This means there is little or no need for pesticides, which can only be good for our environment too, but also means bamboo farming is an organic process!  And you know How I love a bit of organic!  

Because of it's biological make-up, bamboo is naturally anitbacterial, antifungal and odour resistant.  This means bacteria doesn't grow very well in bamboo, and so basically.... well it just doesn't grow!  It is also a very lightweight and soft material often likened to cashmere so the two properties together make it a wonderful solution to those who suffer with eczema and other skin irritations or allergies.

So if like me you'd never before heard of bamboo clothing, make sure you take a look at it, feel it and find out more because it really is a beautiful product and so good for our environment!


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