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Christmas gifts and our suggestions!

best years Christmas dinosaurs gifts metoo doll moulin roty nicko toys wooden toys

As you already know, at How I Wonder we like gifts that are hard to come by in the UK.  Even though some of the brands we stock may be featured in other online stores and mainstream UK boutiques, the products we have selected from these brands are not necessarily commonplace.  A prime example of this is the Moulin Roty 'Stacking Donkey'.  This beautifully crafted wooden toy for babies and toddlers can be bought from other online stores, however we are currently the only online UK store to feature them in our collection!  

Since attending some of our local Christmas Fayres, we have been overwhelmed with the positive responses to our products, so we wanted to share with you our best sellers and the reasons why:-

  1. Top of the Pops is most definitely the adorable 'MeToo Doll'.  And who could possibly be surprised!  These super soft dolls have been featured as accessories in interior design photo-shoots around the world and as such are all over Instagram and Pinterest.  However they are very hard to find in shops....... well look no further as How I Wonder are very proud to be selling them.  
  2. Although popular at all the Fayre's so far, the Best Year's 'Dinosaurs' literally flew off the shelves at the latest one we attended.  We were sold out within 45 mins of the doors opening, and we love that these charming knitted dinosaurs have struck a chord with children and their parents as much as they have with us.  Fantastically priced at £19.99 you'll be hard pushed to find these cheaper anywhere else.
  3. The NickoToy's Q-Pack range has always sold so well for us since our launch.  Wooden toys are a very attractive gift for adults to buy for children as we all like the sustainability aspect as well as how aesthetically pleasing they are.  However they can sometimes be overpriced.  We have purposely selected wooden toys which are very easy on the pocket while at the same time appealing to those young buccaneers and astronauts!

Christmas Metoo Choir

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