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childhood cancer go gold

This September is childhood cancer awareness month where we are being urged to paint the town gold.  The aim is to increase awareness and help raise funding to fight childhood cancer.  We are so pleased to be able to support such a worthy cause and as such have turned our online store..... well GOLD of course!

There are many events across the globe which will be running throughout September and we have signed our little runners up for a local fun run.  As parents we feel indebted to those who help support, research, cure and fight the terrors that come with cancer.  

So for all the families that have been affected by cancer we urge as many of you as possible to help fight the good fight.  Give blood, I do and it's not bad at all!  They give you a cup of tea and a biscuit at the end!

If you already give blood, next time you have an appointment ask to become a bone marrow donor too.  And after all that why not register with the delete blood cancer site.  Having recently done all three I can assure you it takes no time at all.  It requires minimum effort for something that could mean and do so much for someone else.


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