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Schools out for SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school holidays Summer holidays


The summer holidays will soon be upon us, and the task of entertaining our children 7 days a week will begin!  It can be very difficult to find fun and cheap or even better.... FREE things to do during the 6 weeks holiday!  I once read an article that stated the average family spends approximately £400 a week during the school holidays! £400 a week!!!!!

Now I'm not sure whose purse they peaked in, but I have certainly never spent that kind of money on days out with my children!  I appreciate the weather can play a very big part in how much you can do for free - after all a picnic in the park isn't much fun when the clouds open up and the sky pours out!

There are so many websites available to help parents find local activties and give examples of free fun things to do at home.   We are so lucky in many ways, but how did parents survive school holidays before the dawn of the Internet!!

So here are some of our tips to help you and your little ones survive the summer holiday:-

  • Make hay while the sun shines.... it could all turn a little greyer tomorrow!
  • Pop along to your local £1 shop and stock up on glitter, glue, stickers and so on.  All parents know the true value of these little gems!
  • Use your local facilities to the max.  Try all the parks within easy reach to you.  Although they may look the same to us, for some reason children love the excitement of a new park!!
  • And if all else fails..... a 4 O'Clock Pimms is totally OK!!!  (for you of course)



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