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Wonderful Wooden Toys at competitive prices.... and the gender debate!

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At we love finding traditional toys for your young ones to play with.  

We have a variety of wooden toys from the German brand Hape, wooden balance bikes from Nicko Toys..... big wooden rocket ships and little wooden rocket ships!  And we're looking for more still to add to our collections!

In recent months there have been numerous debates challenging the gender stereotypes given to toys.  We've all seen the 'blue' and 'pink' aisle in the toy shop, but fortunately not all little girls want to play with dolls, and likewise boys with trucks!

The organisation Let Toys Be Toys is challenging the big retailers to rethink how they market their toys. Please add you name to their petition if you too agree with their plight.  

After all, what little girl wouldn't love to play with Hape's Discovery Spaceship..... I know my five year old self would have!!!

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